Sunday, August 28, 2016

Being Me

The idea of being true to yourself has been resonating within my brain the last few days. I listened to an amazing interview with Brian Grasso the other night. Great speakers, writers, presenters, etc all have the amazing ability to spark a thought, an idea, that keeps your brain going and often extends well beyond whatever the original subject matter was. His interview has kept me thinking for a few days about knowing myself and being true to myself.

I, the last few days I have recognized how much I doubt myself and the direction my brain wants to go, constantly second-guessing. Instead I tend to try to figure out how others have done it ("it" being whatever is in front of me) and then try to replicate. Guess what, that does not work! 

As a trainer I need to stop looking at what others have done to find success in the fitness field, instead I need to embrace who I am. I have a masters degree in Social work, and I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people in that capacity. Instead of putting that in a box up on the shelf I need to incorporate that within what I am doing now. I need to focus on the mind-body connection with my clients. Using my brain as my primary resource instead of my eyes will allow me to be me. It will allow me to help people in a way vastly different than so many other trainers out there.
As I talked through this with my husband he looked at me with a "Well, duh" look across his face. Why have I not done this in the past? Why I have been scared and held back? Why have I doubted me? I am not like any other person out there. I cannot copy what they have done to find their success. I need to be me and everything will fall into place. I teach that to my kids, now it is time to live what I preach.

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