Sunday, August 21, 2016

Your Brain vs Your Muscles


Last long run before my marathon and it felt great! 22 miles, most of which I ran with new running buddies! We chatted for miles, but as we hit the point of the mountain the wind picked up and we just dug deep to keep pushing through. At that point I decided it was time for the head phones, time for distraction. I love to listen to books while I run. It doesn't matter what the book is but a line seems to always peak my attention and get my mind going. 
Today's book had a brief blurb about Jack Lelaine, if you don't know who he is look him up. He accomplished some amazing feats as he aged, with those accomplishments he talked about training the brain vs training the muscles. 
Your muscles don't know anything, train your brain and teach your muscles what they can and can't do. 
How true that is: the first part of training is believing that I can do it. IT may be the workout planned for the day or a race. You have to believe you can achieve, that you can do IT in order to do IT. 
Self-doubt has always held me back. Good training routines help give me the necessary confidence, but I have to just start believing in me. 
My muscles don't know brain has to tell my muscles what they know.  Time to believe that and stop letting my brain get in the way of my dreams. 

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