Sunday, September 4, 2016


Once upon a time I was single, had no children, all the time in the world, and a race every few weekends. Now I have a wonderful husband, 4 crazy kids, no time to spare, and one (maybe two) races a year. 

With fewer races I take it all in a bit more. This means I take training seriously, I don't get a second chance this year. It also means I feel the anticipation building in my belly already. 

A week of nerves and limited running is a hard week for any runner!

I will also spend this week wondering if I did enough, second guessing my training plans, and playing various mental games in my head. 

Today was an easy run so my husband volunteered to run with me. My legs felt great! I always love when I get to run with my husband, it takes me back to dating days when we ran together often. Today's run reminded me of the connection I find through running. My husband finished the run complaining, but I finished with a smile for him, for the run, and for race week.

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