Sunday, September 25, 2016

Breaking Habits or Making Excuses?

Excuses...we all have them and we all use them at some point in time. The question becomes do we use those excuses to hinder change and stop growth or do we get past our excuses? I hear excuses all day from clients, kids, even friends. It gets old folks.

We have all had to change routines and make new habits. We know it isn't easy and requires consistency and effort. "I can't help it." Does not fly with me. You can, you are choosing not to. How do we break habits, how do we stop making excuses?

1) Recognize your excuses. We have all heard "the first step is admitting it," well it is the same here. Your first step is recognizing that you are making excuses. Do you really not have time, or is it that you aren't making time?

2) Decide why you are making excuses. Is fear pushing you? Or is it lack of discipline, lack of will power, or is it simply not a priority? We have all been scared to take that next step and find that we aren't up to the challenge, but instead we might find that not only are we up to the challenge but it may not even be a challenge.

3) Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparisons can be motivating at times, but it can also lead to more crutches and excuses.

4) Once you have recognized that you are making excuses and you decide why it is time to take some responsibility. Once you have started making excuses it is easier and easier to continue making them. Start taking responsibility for your life and your choices and you will find that will have a snowball effect as well.

5) Be mindful. Focus on what you are doing. Focus on what you want to achieve. Really live life, don't just find yourself sliding through life.

Living a life of excuses undermines your confidence and prevents you from recognizing opportunities and developing talents. -Chris White

Take time today to think through this. Look at what you want and what is holding you back. What excuses are you making and why? Then step up and focus on what needs to happen in order to achieve greatness and success.

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