Friday, September 16, 2016

Fit Friday - Peaches and Sweat!

Fit Friday is here this week with a double treat; the first one includes some yummy peaches and the second one involves a sweet sweat sesh.
As always Ruthie delivers something amazing!

White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts are a tantalizing combination of flavors that'll make the start of your day fabulous! Plus, I'm counting them as "healthier"... they've got a whole grain baguette, with a smear of cherve goat cheese, and then topped off with white peaches and mint! Mmmmmm hmmm. Keep on reading to learn all about a dirty little secret involved in the creation of this recipe. I know. Sketchy... White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts on is a beautiful combination of flavors that's a fabulous way to start the morning!

These White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts have a couple of dirty little secrets. Really, they do. I'm pretty sure they won't mind that I tell you as long it stays hush-hush! (you know, the neighbors will talk and stuff).

White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts on is a beautiful combination of flavors that's a fabulous way to start the morning!
 Secret #1 (it's not quite so dirty but... ) There's this store called Trader Joes and it's like my second home. For reals. Some days I wish I could just move there and live the rest of my life in the comforts of their free coffee and dried fruit isle. Second to that is the cheese department which is were the first secret comes into play! Not only do they have a really fabulous price on Chevre Cheese BUT, they also have it in Mango right now. I know! Mango and Chevre Cheese.... your mind is reeling at the very thought of those two flavors being married into each other. Welp! Trader Joes has done it, and might I add, they've with some serious style! I really hope you have a TJ's (as we in the TJ family like to refer to it) by you and that they're still stocking this beautiful creation. I get the feeling it's a seasonal thing. No worries though. If you don't have a TJ's around just check out the cheese selections at your finer grocer and see what fun flavors of Chevre Cheese they may have or use plain cuz that tastes amazing too! White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts on is a beautiful combination of flavors that's a fabulous way to start the morning!
 Alright. Secret #2 I happen to walk my dogs a lot at our new house because our yard is still under construction. So, one fine day I was innocently out walking the neighborhood and we happened upon a peach tree dangling it's over grown branches all over the sidewalk. Well, I'm not one to pass up a beautiful ripe peach when it's dangling in my face as I'm walking my dogs. (totally innocent, right?!) So, then I notice all of these beautiful White Peaches, yes, WHITE! Are falling to their demise all over the sidewalk! A travesty, happening right there. SO, I say to myself and Jack and Lila, we must do something about this! Like make some fabulous recipes with some of those WHITE Peaches that are heading towards such a terrible demise. Later that day~ well, it was night actually. You may have seen someone venture back to the above mentioned abandoned tree to save a medium sized bowl of those beauties. AND here they happened to have shown up in today's recipe. (Just don't tell the neighbors or the people a few blocks away with the tree cuz I'll get a bad rap, you know?) Hey and just for the record, I didn't steal the mint. It's off my very own plant :) White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts on is a beautiful combination of flavors that's a fabulous way to start the morning! Well, there you have the whole dirty-secret-thing it's wide out in the open now. Whew! I feel soooooo much better :)

White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts
Recipe Type: Breakfast
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
  • 1 whole grain baguette
  • 4 white peaches, pitted and thinly sliced
  • 2 ounces mango chevre goat cheese
  • 10-12 small mint leaves or thinly sliced large leaves
  1. Cut 8-10 slices of baguette on the diagonal and toast in oven or toaster.
  2. Place toasts on serving platter and smear with 1 tablespoon chevre, arrange white peach slices in a semi-circle arrangement, top with mint.
  3. Serve and Enjoy!

You're White Peach, Chevre, Mint Toasts may not be as adventures as mine was to create- it's probably just a quick trip to TJ's or a grocery store!

A tantalizing recipe deserves an awesome workout to get paired with it, right?! Interval style workouts are well known and well loved (or hated) by most. Interval style includes Tabata, HIIT, etc. Workouts where we are pushing hard for a short periods of time, quick breather, and repeat. The reason these are so well known is because they are effective and efficient.

Let's get to this workout!
As always warm up, stretch, make sure that body is ready to go.

30 second pushes with 15 second recoveries:
1) Squat hops
2) Push-ups
3) Hop Switches
4) Sit-Ups
5) Plank w/corner bunny hops
6) Mountain Climbers

1 minute breather
5 minutes of jump rope
Rpt 4x

Have an awesome Fit Friday!
 Much Love and Peace~
 Nichole and Ruthie  

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