Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Plyos!

Workout Wednesday is here with another round of fun! I have recently started teaching a new HIIT class and that is what is on the brain this morning. So we are going to have fun with some plyometric intervals today. I can hear the excitement from all of you right now!!!

We have talked about how amazing these workouts are before. If you aren't sold, then try out a few rounds and get sold. Remember, these are supposed to be hard workouts. You want to push yourself to your limits and find new depths of greatness.

As always be sure to get in a good warm-up and cool-down, your body will appreciate it.

Work Out-
We have 5 moves today.
We are going to perform each of these moves for 30 seconds with 15 second recoveries.
Take a 1 minute break
Perform each move for 45 seconds with 15 second recoveries.
Enjoy your 1 minute breather
Perform each move for 1 min with 15 second recoveries.
1 minute breather.
Repeat your 45 second round and 30 second round

1) Shuttle run
2) Bound (forward moving squat hop)
3) Mountain Climbers
4) Lunge Hop Switches
5) Plank with Corner Bunny Hops

Enjoy the feeling of working hard and when you are done enjoy the feeling of success!

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