Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Track Time

Hey....I am back! I am sure you all missed me on Sunday and my random thoughts for that day. I was off having some time with my husband in Lake Powell and internet service was non-existent. It was wonderful! But I am back and it is Workout Wednesday! My Thursday morning bootcampers often checkout today's workout because it gives them some idea of what we are doing tomorrow, but not today. Today is a reflection of yesterday's wonderful workout out on the track.
Hopefully by now you understand how great the track can be, if you have yet to complete one of the track workouts you should. So!

Warm Up
Easy 2 laps
Take 3-5 minutes to stretch anything that is feeling a bit tight. Focus on hips.
30 walking lunges - jog back to your start

Go Time
3 sets of bleachers
1 lap around the track (FAST)
On the bleachers 20 pushups and 20 dips
RPT 4x

Wrap it Up
30 walking lunges
2 easy laps

Get out on your local track and challenge yourself today. Enjoy!

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