Sunday, October 2, 2016


Getting ready to start a new bootcamp this week and working on new stuff, so much fun! One of those fun new things....mantras. 

Mantra: a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently

My mantra in my last marathon was simply the word forward. This was the word I focused on with every step. When I got tired or started to doubt I would say it out loud as I picked up me feet and continued on.

My mantra when I was running pregnant was do know harm, a constant reminder that I needed to be aware that I wasn't just taking care of me, there was another little one that was relying completely upon me for care.

For the next few weeks I will have a new word, a new mantra, for my group to focus on with each workout. That word will be what starts our workout and will carry us through our workout. Words like power, strength, forward, better, etc. All of these words are positive words. I want to keep a positive attitude moving my group forward.

What word or phrase keeps you moving forward?

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