Sunday, October 30, 2016

Real vs Perfect

I am driving down the street in Stella, our minivan, with a car full of kids and doing the mom thing. An all too common fight is echoing from the back seat..

"Weirdo" said very clearly from the 10 year old.  
The immediate response is a very loud wail and tears from the 6 year old.
"She called me a weirdo"
And from there it is my turn. "Who cares. There is nothing wrong with being a weirdo. Being a weirdo means you aren't boring."

The grown up version of this conversation came to mind as I saw this quote this week.

Being perfect would be boring. Flaws are what make people love you. Your flaws are the best part of you. Tomorrow, Halloween, is my little guy's birthday. The three inch scar going across my abdomen takes away perfection but brought me more love than I can begin to explain.

My husband is constantly later than he says. If he says I am going into work for 2 hours I don't plan on him for 4. His time management used to drive me crazy,  until  I realized he isn't doing it on purpose. He says 2 hours hoping that everything will work out so that he can be home with his family. Instead of letting it drive me crazy that he is rarely home when he says I silently add a couple hours in my head and recognize that it is all because he loves us.

Perfect doesn't exist in this world. Striving for perfection is demoralizing. Instead strive to be excellent within your real body and real life. 

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