Sunday, October 9, 2016

Take A Compliment

Why is it so hard to take a compliment? Someone says something nice and my immediate response it to make an excuse or blow it off. When my husband compliments I have a tendency to make a joke of it or simply laugh it off. Why? Why not simply say "thank you" and enjoy the compliment instead of feeling awkward and dismissing it?

I was curious about this the other day as I totally blew off something that was said to me as I walked out of the gym with my baby, so I did we we all do....I googled it. Like so many other things it girls are conditioned that way. Girls are conditioned not too come off as over confident for fear of being criticized by the other girls on the playground.

There is also that pesky inner voice that steps in whenever a compliment comes my way. That inner voice that starts arguing everything that is said. That voice that blows up the negatives and blows off the positives.

As I contemplate this phenomenon I recognize that I need to change, if not for me but for my 3 girls. I want them to grow up knowing and feeling that it is okay to say thank you and even agree when someone says they are looking good.

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