Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Workout Wednesday - On The Bike!

Wow! One of those days where you completely forget what day of the week it is. Super busy + little sleep = missing days and a brain dead chicka!

Lo and is Workout Wednesday! We love Workout Wednesday! And today's workout is getting us on the bike. Albeit I love running, my bike and I are pretty good friends too. Cycling is great cross training cardio. It is non-impact but you can still get that heart rate up and pumping and your leg muscles going strong.

Warm Up-
1 easy song (4-5 min). Use this song to "stroll in the park" and get the legs warmed up a bit
3 minutes climbing; bump it up each minute just to feel out your climb

Back to flat and time to hit it!
Starting on a flat you are going to gradually climb for 10 minutes.
15 seconds easy. 30 second sprint. 15 seconds to catch your breath.
Bump it up!
Repeat for 10 minutes.

Jump off your bike and complete:
25 Squats with shoulder press
20 Alternating single leg deadlifts with a bicep curl
15 Pushups
10 Burpees

Back to the bike and repeat the drill backwards. Start heavy and work your way back to flat using the same sequence.

Repeat resistance work off your bike

Finish up with another easy "stroll in the park"

Have fun!!!!

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