Sunday, November 6, 2016


The need to drives me, I am sure it drives many of you too. We all want to feel accomplished in life. We all want to set ourselves up for success. The question is, do we do so at the risk of reaching for the stars? Do we hold ourselves back?

A running group I am a part of started a Holiday Challenge last week. With that challenge we set our own goals and get points for sticking to our goals. I made goals that I knew I could achieve. They may have required a little bit of work, but nothing too much. I justified this with everything I have going on with kids and our business.

As I was running today I realized that I needed to take a second look at my goals. I made goals that were not going to help me move to another level, they were even going to help me feel successful by achieving them. I needed to step it up a notch for myself. A doable notch though. A notch that would require a jump to reach instead of just a step to reach.

Along with setting goals that challenge me a bit more I also need to be okay without success at every notch along the way. There will be and are days I just can't do it all. Instead of letting those days weigh me down as I get into bed thinking of all the goals I didn't accomplish I need to finish my day feeling a bit lighter as I think of all the things I did accomplish and are no longer a weight on my shoulders.

Growing and succeeding will not always go together. Sometimes growing will come through my failures and I have to be okay with that.

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