Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Push Ups!

We all have our pet peeves at the gym; the guy doing bicep curls in the squat rack, the girls that show up for a fashion show instead of a workout, etc etc etc.... One more on my list, the person doing 100 "push ups" when their neck is moving more than their arms. Stop going for a 100 "push ups" and aim for 20 actual push ups!

Good form....what is it?

Here is an awesome checklist I found for push ups:

1) Keep your neck in a neutral position. This means that your neck won't move.
2) Keep shoulders back and stable. Shoulders won't round or go concave. Engage them and stabilize them.
3) Hands stay directly below your shoulders. When people get tired or are weak those hands tend to get in front more and more.
4) Keep pressure on the outside of your hands. This will protect your wrists.
5) Hips and torso straight. Core is engaged and stable.
6) Full range of motion.This means that your chest will skim the ground.

Push ups are awesome. You can do them anywhere. You can switch 'em up and try out different variations.  And they work multiple muscle groups. It is one of the first exercises I start focusing on when I am making my way back after having babies.

The challenge....perfect push ups! Get a friend that will keep you honest and do as many perfect push ups as you can. Take that number and strive to build on it.

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