Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Workout Wednesday - 12 Days of Christmas

Workout Wednesday on this awesome holiday week. I am sure that you guys are just as busy as I am. I am hoping to get this workout in later today, sleep won this morning. My baby decided to get up every couple hours last night, I was not getting up at 5am to go workout, and at 5:45 she was wide awake and ready to party anyways. Along with not sleeping much she also has a killer cold, so no gym daycare today. That means today's workout is one that I can do from home.

With it being Christmas week we have to have a Christmas workout. I know I am a few days late for the 12 Days of Christmas, but we are still going to do the 12 Days of Christmas workout today.

Yes.....bootcampers looking for a sneak peak....this will be visited tomorrow!

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