Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Bike Circuit

I love to run, unless you have just stumbled across this post you probably have already been able to figure that out. But running isn't my only form of cardio, I am also happy on a bike. I teach indoor cycle classes  2+ times a week and have been for years, it is another great way to have some fun and get a killer sweat session! So for today's circuit we are jumping on the bike.

Besides a bike you will also need a timer and some dumbbells.

2x30 sec sprints 
2x40 sec sprints
2x50 sec sprints
2x60 sec sprints
All of your recoveries are half of whatever you just sprinted

20 squat w/shoulder press
20 pushups w/renegade rows
20 forward lunges w/bicep curl
20 plank w/alternating kickbacks

RPT 4x

On your bike feel out your flat, if you are flying and not having to add any of your own power to keep those pedals going you are not on a flat and therefore not getting the benefits out that you should be. Don't waste your time!

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