Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Chipper Fun!

Workout Wednesday is here with a bang! We are doing a chipper style, it has been a while and it sounds like fun to me! A chipper is a workout with high reps. The best way to attack this type of workout is to break down the reps to a more feasible number, sets of 5 or 10 are a popular way to go.

As always warm up, get the muscles feeling good before hand, and cool down when you are done. This is going to include both resistance and cardio exercises. Push your heart rate while also keeping awesome form!

100 single jump ropes
90 squats (if you know you are a cheater put something below you to guarantee depth)
80 jumping jacks
70 push ups
60 high knees
50 weighted situps
40 squat jumps
30 pullups (modify with high row with a band if pull ups are not an option) 
20 burpees
10 man makers (see image below)

You are done! If you aren't a sweaty mess you need to do it again and put in some solid effort! Taking it easy is not going to get you anywhere.

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