Sunday, January 29, 2017

Exercising When Sick and Adulting

It has been a rough week at my house, actually it has been a rough month at our house but this week has topped off the month. We have struggled to stay healthy at our house this month and this week I ended up with three sick kids. My poor baby girl ended the week with a double ear infection, this was discovered after a couple nights of holding baby girl ALL night long. Needless to say, I was one tired momma by the end of the week. With sick kids I was out of luck when it came to my own workouts, this meant no running (no sanity) and no me time.

With a house full of sick this month and a bunch of sick clients I have been asked multiple times "When is it okay to workout?"  Simplest answer: anything below the neck means no working out. If it is congestion, headache, etc above the neck you can workout but take it easy. I also want to add that in order to recover you need sleep, this means if you are debating a 4am alarm to go workout or a few extra hours of sleep you need to sleep, no debate.

Now this week I haven't been sick, but I am a mom and when my kids take a sick day that means I have to take a sick day too. After a week of only being able to get in one run I was so excited to get out on the road today. It is January and really cold at my house so early morning runs haven't been happening, instead I take my running clothes with me to church and run home from there. It is hard to get my momentum going in the afternoon, but I have been enjoying the time to think about church. Our sermon series has been all about adulting and what that means. Today part of the sermon revolved around the idea that once you are an adult life is no longer about me, life is now all about we. This was a week all about the we, my kids being the we. As frustrating as it man be at times I still have to say, I love being a we!

That being said...I am done with sick days for anyone at my house!

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