Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stuck Inside...

Barely into the new year and I am already having to adjust my goals, I am not happy. I am a woman who loves a plan, a schedule, some solid direction laid out before me. I love to have training plans, I start them early and I follow them. I don't use them as a guideline, I follow my training plan. This need for a schedule is not just about my races though. I like waking up in the morning with a plan in my mind and a schedule to follow. 

As a mom I have relaxed my need for structure tremendously, I have learned that I cannot plan out my kids quite like I can myself. As a mom being late will happen, it is inevitable. There will be days where my errands just aren't going to happen, it is okay though. There will be days when my baby needs some serious cuddle time, that may mean I am not going to get all the office work done I had planned. As a mom I understand that kids will take over and I am okay with that.

So why is it that when my plans get waylaid because of my own self that it drives me absolutely insane?  I have spent the last week sick, a rarity for me. My fever has come and gone, yet my cough still stops me in my tracks and causes a reaction through my whole body. So here I am. My kids are fine, my husband is fine, and I am staring out the window frustrated that I am missing my long run. I have missed a whole week of training. GRRRRR!!!! 

My logical self says it is okay. Missing one week in order to get better and get back on it is better than forcing it and having a horrible week of training that will most likely make this chest cold linger on for days.

My illogical self says suck it up and run.

Thankfully I also have a logical husband that knows when to sit back and let me do my thing and when to speak up and remind me that I need to be smart.

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