Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Musings - Enjoy Life

My Sunday blog has been coming a bit later because my Sunday run has been happening a bit later these days. When my husband got up last week and was surprised to see me sitting on the couch I explained the harsh truth I have come to accept; I can do dark (early) or cold but I can't do them both. So I have taken up running home from church on Sundays, by then the sun is up and the hard chill has usually dissipated leaving me to chilly but doable run.

I see all the posts of hard core runners out in below zero temps pushing through and being awesome. Thankfully I also see some amazing runners getting in treadmill miles, they even have smiles on their faces. I few years ago I was talking to a friend that asked me quite plainly, why be miserable if you don't need to be. Why run through freezing rain, crazy wind, etc to get in your coveted miles when you can get those same miles completed on a treadmill? I found myself agreeing. Now, I know that many of you call the treadmill the dreadmill and view it as such, but I will be honest, I don't find it that bad, especially with the invention of Netflix!

This also brings me to the thought of how many people have come to be saying "I want to do a marathon." I generally respond with an enthusiastic "Great!" I love training people with a goal and the motivation to reach that goal. But as I continue talking to said individual I find that they don't really have the motivation and, in fact they affirm this with "I don't really like running." Most of these people never even actually sign up for a marathon. Why? Because they hate running. Don't make it a goal to complete something you hate doing.

Don't make fitness something that you dread folks. There are so many different ways to be active, find something that you love to do. If you hate running but don't mind biking instead of saying "I want to run a marathon." say "I want to complete a century."

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that we don't always do the things we love, that sometimes we find a reason to step out of that comfort zone. The key word in that last statement....reason.  If you find a reason, find solid motivation, I firmly believe that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do/. But you have to find that reason, and if you don't have that solid reason that just stick with finding something that you enjoy doing and get healthy.

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