Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Cycle Circuit

It is another wonderful week and a great Workout Wednesday! At my house the weather is cold and the air is crappy (if you live in Utah you know what I mean, for those that don't be grateful you don't have to deal with inversion) which means I am biking inside. Now I am just fine on the treadmill, I can get some solid runs done on that lovely machine, biking indoors is a whole different ball game. I teach 2-3 indoor cycle classes a week, that makes it much easier to get on a bike indoors. When I am not teaching it is so hard to get it done. The best way for me to cycle indoors without a class is to make a circuit out of it, so that is what we are doing today.

I know that Fat Biking is becoming wildly popular, but I have yet to embrace this idea, mostly because of time and money. I am on a pretty tight schedule and it is hard to add driving to the mountains into that schedule. Consequently, in the winter I am biking inside.

When biking inside make sure your bike is setup for you. I see a lot of people just jump on to a bike and make it work where ever it is already set, that may mean scrunching up and having your knees hit your chin or riding with tip toes. Let's be real people, neither one of those works. Take a minute and find a good working height, 10% bend in the leg at it's straightest point.


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