Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fit Friday - From Breakfast to Bed

Happy Fit Friday! This we are talking breakfast and sleep, both two very important parts of any healthy lifestyle. Ruthie is here with a great way to start the day day. After that I am talking about the importance of ending the day with a solid night of sleep.

Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oatmeal are an overnight oats recipe that make a quick and easy nutritious breakfast!  Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oats are overnight oats and a nutricious breakfast!
Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oatmeal are soaked overnight in coconut milk and sweetened with pure Maple Syrup, then add on the toppings of your choice!  I added in Fuji apple slices, raw walnuts and almonds, plus some dried cranberries and currents too.  It's amazing and so simple to make!  Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oats are overnight oats and a nutricious breakfast!
 Steel Cut Oats have a little different texture that normal oats, they are chewier and taste a bit nuttier to me.  I love overnight oats if you'd like some additional recipe ideas then check out my Lemon Coconut Overnight Oats, Swiss Muesli, Apple, Orange, and Cranberry Overnight Oats too!  Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oats are overnight oats and a nutricious breakfast!   Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oats are overnight oats and a nutricious breakfast!

Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oatmeal

Recipe Type: Breakfast
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup steel cut oats
  • 3 tablespoons pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • toppings of choice- apple slices, nuts, dried fruit
  1. In a large bowl with an air tight lid combine coconut milk, oats, maple syrup, salt, vanilla; mix.
  2. Place in fridge overnight or at least 8 hours.
  3. Divide into serving bowls, top with fruit and nuts, and serve.
  4. Enjoy!
  5. ( for my toppings I used fuji apple slices, raw walnuts and almonds, dried currents and cranberries)

Fruit and Nut Steel Cut Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast that'll keep you full all morning long!

  My beautiful baby girl is now 10 months old....and still doesn't sleep through the night. I am tired. Along with being normal tired I have noticed a few other things lately. The biggest problem I am having right now is that I have suddenly become very forgetful. Last week I got to a spin class I have taught for a while and realized I forgot my spin bag, the bag that had my music, my shoes, etc. Thankfully Pandora came through for me. Two days after that I took 3 of my kiddos swimming. I forgot towels and baby's swim diaper. For those that know me you know that this is not like me. I am not the flakey one of the group, at least not normally.

Today's fit tips are all about sleep. Let's start with some of the other problems that come with a lack of sleep. There are numerous health issues that arise with lack of sleep, I am just giving you five that really hit home to me.  1) Poor sleep throws hormones out of whack which can cause weight gain. 2) When you are tired snacking becomes a constant, often this is sugary treats. 3) You have a hard time concentrating. 4) Coordination and balance tend to fly right out the window when you have been missing out on necessary zzzzzs. 5) You are more likely to get sick. Your immune system drops and inflammation tends to rise throughout the body. So not worth staying up if it can be avoided.

Now let's talk the flip side....benefit of getting a solid night of sleep. I am going to keep this way overly simplified...You are a happier and healthier individual. Simple, right. It makes sense. So here is where this week's fit tips come in. Let's talk about ways to set yourself up for a good night's rest.

1) Stick to a schedule. This is what parents are told to do from the beginning, get your baby on a sleep schedule. As adults we still function best if we follow a schedule. Along with your schedule you want to have a bedtime routine to relax your body.

2) Pay attention to what you eat and when you eat it. You don't want to go to bed over full or hungry. You also don't want to be over stimulated with caffeine, sugar, or alcohol too close to bed time.

3) Get comfie. This means a comfortable bed, pillow, room temperature, clothes, etc. It all will affect your sleep so pay attention to what is most conducive to your sleeping abilities and stick with it.

4) Be sure to get in workouts. A good workout (not too late at night) has been shown to help you fall asleep faster and deeper.

5) Do what you can to manage your stress. We all have been there,trying to go to sleep with a full brain. It doesn't work. Find some good stress management skills and use them!

With that being said....find some time to relax and get some sleep this weekend!

Happy Fit Friday! Much Love and        Peace~ Nichole and Ruthie

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