Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Fun With Plates

It is Workout Wednesday and today we are using a weight plate. You need a full sized plate and some space preferably on carpet where the plate can easily slide when pushed.. When I do these style of workouts with my clients and in my classes most people generally stick with 10-15lbs, but feel free to go heavier! Stick with one plate though, so once you have picked a weight that is your weight for this workout.

If you haven't noticed I need variety in my workouts, I workout very similarly to the way I teach. I like a lot of variety and I like to keep my body guessing. This is the first workout we have done with just plates, it will definitely keep your body guessing.

Most of the moves are moves we have completed before and/or are pretty common in the gym or very self explanatory. A couple things though: 1) moving pushups; one hand on the floor and one on the weight. Alternate after every pushup. And 2) burpees with a plate: as you stand up out of your burpee you will pick your plate up and press it over head.


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