Sunday, March 5, 2017

Little Colds Can Turn Into Big Problems

This has been a rough week for me, an ignored cold took over and forced some down time. There are some pretty simple guidelines to follow when deciding if you should workout when you are sick, above the neck is ok, below the neck or fever is a no go. Pretty simple, right? Well, the first step, the one that seems to be the hardest one, is admitting that you are sick. That was me this week, I was forced to admit it.

Last week I was feeling a little off, I didn't feel great but I certainly wasn't sick. Sure my long run on Sunday sucked and I was super glad it was a cut back week, but I got it done and chalked it up to "just not feeling it." Monday wasn't much better, but I decided I was just a little tired, easy excuse for anyone with a baby that doesn't sleep through the night. Tuesdays run was horrible, decided my cold might be affecting me a little bit. Later that day my husband took one look at me, said he would be home by 5 o'clock and that I should head to the doctor.

I debated all day, go or not. I kept telling myself it was just lack of sleep and a little cold. Certainly not worth going to the doctor. I didn't want any medicine, I am the type that prefers to let my body figure it out if at all possible. But I finally relented and went in. A cold, that if I had treated it in the beginning, had turned into a sinus infection, ear infection, tonsillitis, and overall infection in the left side of my face that was starting to cause my left side to droop. 

My insistence that I wasn't sick, my refusal to take it easy led to a problem that could have been treated so simply in the beginning. Instead I ended having to take a stronger than normal antibiotic and steroids. 

We all have been there, we don't have time to get sick, we don't want to slow down or change our schedules and little things turn into much bigger problems. Small hurts turn into big injuries. A stupid cold turns into a crazy infection affecting half your face. 

Cut yourself some slack. Listen to your body. And accept the fact that you are not least not yet.

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