Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunny Days

The sun is coming out, hallelujah! As a runner that means less runs on a treadmill or pushing through some seriously cold temps. As a mom it means I feel way less guilty when I push the kids out the door to get some fresh air. It also means the time limits on electronics for those same kiddos start getting seriously reinforced.

I live in a state that is touted to have some of the best snow on earth. The powder is great fun, at least that is what I hear. My reality is that I am not a fan of the snow and the cold. Once the holidays have past and I am no longer looking forward to a white Christmas I am done with snow. The count down begins til I can start running in shorts and don't have to beware of ice.

I have tried skiing and snow boarding, I want to like it but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I would love to get excited about flying down the mountain, but excitement just doesn't seem to be my primary emotion.

The sun is starting to shine and my soul is smiling. Yesterday a friend and I decided to head up the mountain with the kiddos. We drove up as far as we could and let the kids play in the snow. I was just elated it didn't require serious layering. I got a little teaser for my beautiful mountains in just a few short weeks.

Now I just need to brace myself for the few more snow storms and cold weather days we are bound to get hit with.

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