Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Explosive Intervals with Some Static Holding

 Another Workout Wednesday. I love having a lot of workouts I can do from home or at the gym, giving me options makes it so much more likely to get done. With four kids life is never boring and constantly up in the air. This is another great workout I can do from home while my littlest one takes a nap.

Intervals are a great way to get in a sweet sweat sesh when you don't have a ton of time. Today's workout is another interval workout, but isn't filled with fast or explosive movements. Instead we are alternating between an explosive movement and a static (holding movement), this is a great way to mix up how those muscles are being worked.

I am more of a moving individual, the static poses are hard for me and I stare at the clock willing the second hand to move faster.

This workout consists of four different sequences. Complete each sequence four times before moving on to the next. Each sequence consists of two movements; 30 seconds each movement with 10 second breaks. One minute recoveries between sequences.

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