Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Summer Ready HIIT

It is Workout Wednesday and I am not working out. Instead I will post a great workout for everyone else and hopefully I can do it tomorrow. 

The last few days I thought I was fighting a normal old cold. Not feeling great but not slowing down too much either, a cold can't slow me down, I finally had to admit I just might be sick after a dizzy run and a rough day yesterday. So after some strong advisement from my husband I finally went to the doctor's last night. Not just a cold....and now I am drugged up and have to go back to the doctor's office  tomorrow to make sure the infection is being treated by the extra strong antibiotics and the steroids. So needless to say, I am taking the day off.

Today's workout is a HIIT style workout. We are alternating a plyometric move with an awesome resistance move in each round. I love HIIT style workouts, but that comes with a giant *. I only love them if you can do the move correctly the entire time, to often I watch form go out the window in order to stay fast for the entire time. It is much better to get 5 perfect movements than 10 sloppy ones.

With that being said....enjoy Workout Wednesday!!!

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