Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workout Wednesday - HIIT Core Style

With the nice weather I have gotten a lot of core questions. I actually get core questions year round, when the sun comes out I get much more determined and focused core questions. So that is what we are working on today.
Before we begin, let me remind you all that you cannot target body parts for fat loss. Your body is it's own unique being and will lose fat where it wants to and at it's own pace. So stop comparing yourself to your neighbor and don't be so shocked when the boobs are one of the first things to go. It happens. And just because you stop doing pushups does not mean you will suddenly get your boobs back. So while we focus on core we still have to eat healthy and work on cardio. If you want those abs to make an appearance you need to focus on overall fat loss and being healthy.

Now, all that being said let's talk core. Our core is our foundation for everything. A strong core makes you a better runner, swimmer, laundry doer, basically a better functioning human being. So train it and use it!

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