Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Track

I got a bit sidetracked last week in Boston and missed Workout Wednesday last week, but no worries,I am back today and hitting the track. Yesterday the gym I teach boot camp at was closed for maintenance so class was on the track. The weather was cold and the sun wasn't quite up, so most of you missed. I am posting the workout we did so that you can go out and enjoy the fun you missed. 

I love the track, it is a great place to be outside and get in a great circuit style workout. The distance is easily marked and allows you to just go. For today's workout we are running the straights and walking the curves. Really push on those straights, this is a chance to work on speed and pay attention to your form. It is easy to focus on fast and good form for such a short distance.

We are also throwing in push ups and lunges. Our first round calls for uneven push ups. Pay attention to your shoulders on this. Uneven push ups are a great exercise for your shoulders, but don't strain them or try to push through something that hurts. I have a lot of clients that do this exercise on a wall or at an incline, feel free to play with it and find what works best for you.

Above all, try your hardest!

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