Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Treadmilling It

I love to run....this is probably not news to anyone that knows me or has read my blog before. Spring should be ideal outside running time, right?! Unless you have four kids who all take a day getting the flu and a husband that works like crazy, then you are a stir crazy mom that is staring out the window yearning to feel sunshine on your body and the road beneath your feet. These days happen, sometimes those days stretch into weeks. Here comes my new best friend, a treadmill.

This week's workout is on the treadmill folks. Besides being a home bound parent there are other reasons to run on the treadmill.

1) It can be forgiving than the road if you are experiencing aches and pains that come with running.
2) Lets you run necessary terrain. It is hard to train for a hilly race if you leave in the middle of flat fields for miles all around. Likewise, it is hard to train for flat races if you leave in the benches of gorgeous Utah mountains.
3) Safety. Running in snow or on dark roads isn't the smartest thing to do, or the funnest.
4) You can set your pace. Sometimes a track isn't always easy to get to, jump on the treadmill for your next speed workout. You can set your required paces and go the necessary distances.

Whatever your reason, the treadmill is there and waiting for you. Enjoy it!

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