Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Workout Wednesday - HIIT

It is a crazy day at my house today! My cute little 6 year old turns 7 and we are getting ready to party. I am not the crazy mom that makes perfect little party favors and spends hours and hours on a cake. In fact, I also have the girl's mom helping with some stuff.  I don't know how those other mom's function.
I say all this with the understanding that this workout will take place for me tomorrow, there is no way it is happening today. Some days are just like that and it is ok.

I love HIIT classes and workouts, and that is what we are doing today. Push your heart rate today folks. I have worked with a few people that aren't used to that feeling and are scared of it. Don't be scared! Instead embrace it and know that with that hard work comes great rewards.

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