Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Pullups

I love pull ups. I know that is unusual, especially for a girl, but it's true...I love pull ups. I often get asked how to do pull ups. It is a common goal for a lot of the women I train. Why? Pull ups have become the ultimate show of strength for a lot of women. What is so great about pull ups and how do we get there?

Benefits of Pull Ups:
1) Foundation for upper body strength. Pull ups and push ups will help you get through any upper body strength program. One of the best comparisons I have heard is that pull ups are for the upper body like squats are fundamental for the lower body. 

2) Convenience. It is so easy to have a pull up bar in your home and at any gym. You don't need any additional weights or machines, just yourself and a bar. My little brother started doing pull ups when he was 5 years old on the pull up bar we kept hanging in on of the doorways at home.  The strength he gained from starting pull ups so young carried him through years of power lifting and football.

3) Awesome for your core! When I came back from having a baby pull ups were by far the hardest thing for me to do again and the one thing that absolutely killed my core was pull ups. When I could link pull ups together again I knew I was getting my strength back. 

How to get there:
1) Work on a strong core. Hollow rocks are awesome for this!
2) Negative pull ups. Jumping up to the top of a pull ups and controlling your way down.
3) Horizontal pull ups or ring rows
4) Chin Ups

Before you aim to get an awesome string of kipping pull ups going make sure that you can complete strict pull ups first. You want to assure that you are developing the necessary strength and correct muscle chain before you start focusing on kipping pull ups.

Remember; you can do a pull up! Work on it and celebrate it!

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