Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Numbers Lie

Everywhere we look there are numbers dictating rules and life. We drive a certain speed because the speed limit signs tell us we should. We have house numbers, phone numbers, age, etc. Numbers are everywhere. They can't be avoided, they can't be ignored. Many of these numbers are fine...they are life and cannot be ignored or avoided. The numbers I don't like are those that arbitrarily dictate happiness. 

We all know the numbers that can affect the way we feel. This could include a number on the scale, the size of your clothing, the time of a race, etc. There are so many number goals in our lives, it gets a little crazy. 

As a runner I have had many time goals, but once I reach that goal I am not fulfilled and done. No, once I reach that goal I have a new goal. Don't get me wrong, I am happy I reached my goal. But reaching that goal doesn't end my running and certainly doesn't mean I am done trying to get better. It just gives me a step to another goal.

This seems all fine and dandy...until that number dictates if I can be happy. Can I be happy without a sub 90 min half marathon? Yes, absolutely. Can I be happy if the scale doesn't match whatever I think it should? Yes, absolutely. I have fought that battle, the scale will never make me smile. If you reach one goal there is just another one waiting for you. 5 more pounds...5 more pound....oh just 5 more. 

 Those 5 more pounds aren't going to make you happy. Instead it will be the ability to play all afternoon with your kids, getting a good nights sleep, feeling great in your skin. Those are the things that will make you happy.

So, ask yourself. What makes you happy?

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