Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Summertime HIITing It!

Let's talk HIIT workouts on this gorgeous Wednesday! I love HIIT workouts when I am time crunched and/or really needing a sweaty sweat sesh! HIIT workouts are an effective and efficient  way to an awesome body.

 I am a busy lady, efficient is a very important word for me. I don't have time (or the desire) to spend hours at the gym, for those of you that do I am jealous. I have little kids at home that need me, I have multiple businesses to keep running, and I have a husband that I would much rather spend my time with. If you tell me you have an effective and efficient workout for me I am all smiles!

Today we are keeping the moves simple so that you can focus on working hard instead of focusing on not tripping over your own feet, I am a klutz and that tends me be a continuous focus for me.

Couple things to keep in mind...

1) You have to warm up and cool down!
2) Stretch, your muscles and joints will thank you later.
3) Change doesn't happen without effort.
4) Make it fun!

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