Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Jumpin Rope!

Yay! It is Workout Wednesday and we are jumping rope. I have been reminded this week how much I love to jump rope and how rarely I do it. We are not just jump roping today, we are mixing it in with weights and resistance movements. All around having a grand time!

Why are we jump roping today?

1) It is a great calorie burner!
2) Builds agility and quickness
3) Increases bone density
4) It is good for your brain
5) Affordable
6) You can do it anywhere

Check out Instagram or Facebook for the workout and have a great day!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Being Me

The idea of being true to yourself has been resonating within my brain the last few days. I listened to an amazing interview with Brian Grasso the other night. Great speakers, writers, presenters, etc all have the amazing ability to spark a thought, an idea, that keeps your brain going and often extends well beyond whatever the original subject matter was. His interview has kept me thinking for a few days about knowing myself and being true to myself.

I, the last few days I have recognized how much I doubt myself and the direction my brain wants to go, constantly second-guessing. Instead I tend to try to figure out how others have done it ("it" being whatever is in front of me) and then try to replicate. Guess what, that does not work! 

As a trainer I need to stop looking at what others have done to find success in the fitness field, instead I need to embrace who I am. I have a masters degree in Social work, and I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people in that capacity. Instead of putting that in a box up on the shelf I need to incorporate that within what I am doing now. I need to focus on the mind-body connection with my clients. Using my brain as my primary resource instead of my eyes will allow me to be me. It will allow me to help people in a way vastly different than so many other trainers out there.
As I talked through this with my husband he looked at me with a "Well, duh" look across his face. Why have I not done this in the past? Why I have been scared and held back? Why have I doubted me? I am not like any other person out there. I cannot copy what they have done to find their success. I need to be me and everything will fall into place. I teach that to my kids, now it is time to live what I preach.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fit Friday - Treats from the Kitchen and Treats at the Track

Another wonderful week in the books. Kids are back in school, the mornings are crisp but the days are still warm. Summer is coming to an end, but there is still plenty of sun to enjoy!. Ruthie is here with a great summery treat and I am sending you to the track to enjoy this weather. Happy Fit Friday!

Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits is a fun treat for your end of summer parties! Oh and it's a skinnier dessert so it makes it even that much more awesome!! Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits on is a fun treat for your end of summer parties!
I can hardly believe summer's almost over and I'm not quite sure how Labor Day's just a couple weeks away. I feel like a broken record anymore... how does time go so fast? It won't be long until the leaves are turning and we are into autumn weather around here. SO, lets get the most out of the last days of summer with these Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits!! Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits on is a fun treat for your end of summer parties!
 Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits are quick and easy to make plus they can be made ahead, covered with plastic wrap, and kept in the fridge for up to 8 hours. Then before you serve them just add a dollop of whipped topping and two strawberry slices for garnish. Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits on is a fun treat for your end of summer parties! Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits are a dessert that's easy on the waistline~ Angel food cake is a pretty low calorie cake, light whipped topping and strawberries make this a beautifully light dessert... in texture and calories :) Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits on is a fun treat for your end of summer parties!

Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits are sure to be adored where ever they are served!

Happy Fit Friday! Much Love and Peace~ Nichole and Ruthie  
Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits
Recipe Type: Dessert
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
  • 3 cups fresh strawberries, sliced
  • 1 (6 ounce) prepared angel food cake loaf
  • 2 cups light whipped topping or whipping cream
  • 4 pint sized glass jars
  1. Using a serrated knife slice angel food cake loaf into 1inch cubes.
  2. Layer angel food, then whipped topping, and strawberry slices in pint sized jars.
  3. Repeat layers, and end with whipped topping and garnish two strawberry slices.
  4. Enjoy!
  5. *can be assembled up to 8 hours ahead of serving and refrigerated.
Enjoy this beautiful dessert!
We are full of treats for you this week! Ruthie has brought us a yummy treat with her Strawberry Shortcake, one of my favorite summer desserts. Now it is time for a fun treat, an awesome workout! I am still loving this weather, so we are heading to the track for today's fun treat!

The track is one of my favorite places these days, both for my own workouts but also for bootcamp workouts.

As always you are going to warm up and stretch anything that feels tight. You don't want to jump right into any workout.

Round 1:
Run 100 m
10 pushups
20 broad jumps
30 walking lunges
(these last two are going to keep you moving around the track)
RPT for 2 full laps

Round 2:
Run 200 m
10 pushups
20 single leg broad jumps (alt legs)
30 step and squat (big step forward then squat)
RPT for 2 full laps

Round 3:
Run 400 m

The track is a great place to get creative and get a killer workout!

Happy Fit Friday
Much Love and Peace~
Ruthie and Nichole

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Your Brain vs Your Muscles


Last long run before my marathon and it felt great! 22 miles, most of which I ran with new running buddies! We chatted for miles, but as we hit the point of the mountain the wind picked up and we just dug deep to keep pushing through. At that point I decided it was time for the head phones, time for distraction. I love to listen to books while I run. It doesn't matter what the book is but a line seems to always peak my attention and get my mind going. 
Today's book had a brief blurb about Jack Lelaine, if you don't know who he is look him up. He accomplished some amazing feats as he aged, with those accomplishments he talked about training the brain vs training the muscles. 
Your muscles don't know anything, train your brain and teach your muscles what they can and can't do. 
How true that is: the first part of training is believing that I can do it. IT may be the workout planned for the day or a race. You have to believe you can achieve, that you can do IT in order to do IT. 
Self-doubt has always held me back. Good training routines help give me the necessary confidence, but I have to just start believing in me. 
My muscles don't know brain has to tell my muscles what they know.  Time to believe that and stop letting my brain get in the way of my dreams. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fit Friday - On the Summer Countdown

It is another Fit Friday!  So happy to have Ruthie here with us every week. I have been loving my mom's garden this summer, like every summer, and this sounds like the perfect recipe for me to have in mind when I go visit this weekend!

Pico de Gallo is SO simple to make and wonderful this time of year with all the fresh vegetables a plenty!
  Pico de Gallo on is SO simple to make and wonderful this time of year with all the fresh vegetables a plenty!
 I love all the fresh vegetables that are available this time of year. Whether you grow a garden, visit a fruit and vegetable stand, or go to the local farmers market- it's easy to come by and SOooooo full of fabulous flavor! My favorite thing to make is this Pico de Gallo recipe because it's just about as simple as it gets. Toss a few fresh ingredients in the blender and let it do all the work :) Pico de Gallo on is SO simple to make and wonderful this time of year with all the fresh vegetables a plenty!
Feel free to adjust this Pico de Gallo recipe to you and your families preferences... like your salsa HOT then toss in those jalapeno seeds. If you like cilantro then toss in more. It's awesome and easy to tweak this Pico de Gallo recipe to make it exactly the way you and your family like it. Pico de Gallo on is SO simple to make and wonderful this time of year with all the fresh vegetables a plenty!
 The healthy benefits of tomatoes, onions, limes, cilantro, jalapenos are too numerous to start listing out but be sure that you're getting a powerful punch of raw and healthy ingredients in there. If you went with some baked tortilla chips you'd be even better off but I'm not really sure I'm ready to go there :) Pico de Gallo on is SO simple to make and wonderful this time of year with all the fresh vegetables a plenty!

You'll just love this Pico de Gallo recipe for your end of summer parties!!

Pico de Gallo
Recipe Type: Appetiser
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
  • 1/2 medium onion, peeled
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, seeds and membranes removed
  • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves
  • 1-2 teaspoon fresh lime juice (approx 1 lime)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 6 ripe roma tomatoes, halved
  1. In blender add onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and 3 tomatoes-halved, blend at high speed for 15-20 seconds.
  2. Add the remaining tomatoes, lime, and sea salt; pulse until evenly sized.
  3. Do not over mix and leave chunky.
  4. Serve with tortilla chips!
  I don't know what the new school year is like for you, but for me it is  like New Years. It is time to make goals and get "back on track." This summer I have done what I could, but it is nearly impossible for me to get into a routine like I do when school is in full swing. Add a baby into the normal summer craziness and it was even harder than normal for me to get into a routine. But New Years #2 is here and it is time to set some goals and get my booty moving.

With that in mind here are 5 goals worth considering:

1) Lose body fat. Body fat is much more important than straight pounds. There are multiple ways that you can test your body fat, some ways are better than others but as long as you are staying consistent in your method you will know if you are on the right track.

2) Get stronger. Let's get real....strong and defined is way sexier than just skinny.

3) Master a skill. This can mean getting out on the tennis court, working on some bendy yoga moves, or even pulling out your roller blades hiding in the back of your closet.

4) Making fitness part of your routine. This is a great goal that we should all strive for. Making fitness part of the schedule automatically. Instead of penciling in that spin class tomorrow if you can find time, ink it in and don't let it fall to the way side because you got stuck on a phone call.

5) Train for an event. These goals are always my favorite. I signed up for my fall marathon before I had even had baby. That way I was committed to training and excited to get out the door after dealing with a couple middle of the night feedings.

Some of these goals may go together, that is just fine. In fact, that is great! If you can make fitness part of your routine it will be much easier to train for an event or master a skill. So as the kids walk out the door next week, summer traveling comes to an end, neighborhood bbques settle out take a big breath, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, put on your running shoes, and head out the door.

Happy Fit Friday!!
Much Love and Peace~ Nichole and Ruthie

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Tabata Style

This morning my husband and I were talking about some different workouts and I realized that we have not done a Tabata workout in a while. Well, today is the day! Which is great because I can get it done at home. My little guy isn't sleeping well, which means I am not sleeping well. And my husband has been busy working away, which means I have to get up early to get in workouts until I am ready to use the gym daycare. My plan has been to start daycare once school started, I realize that is next week and I am getting kind of excited! But for today the plan is to workout at home....Tabata style!

Quick refresher for those that aren't sure what I mean by Tabata style. Tabata is all out for 20 seconds with 10 second recoveries for eight rounds (4 minutes). You get one minute of recovery in between rounds. This is supposed to be a hard, challenging workout.

We are going for 5 rounds today, that will be 25 minute workout plus warm up and cool down.

Round 1:
Squat Hops

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:
Weighted Situps

Round 5:
Plank with Corner Bunny Hops

We have done all of these moves before. Not too difficult but will definitely get your heart rate up!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


It has been a horrible week as far as sleep and workouts go, My three year old got his tonsils and adenoids out and it has been a week of recovering for him. He refuses to take any type of medication, even though it helps him a ton when we do get it down him. As long as he will eat and drink I don't force it, except at night. The kid would eat glass if I told him he wouldn't have to take medicine. I haven't, instead he has lived off of granola bars and Honey Nut Cheerios. You would think soft foods, but no he sticks to those two things not yogurt, ice cream, or apple sauce.  

He has been waking up two-four times a night and my baby wakes up at least once a night to eat. All of this combined means I never sleep. 

On top of the lack of sleep I have also been going stir crazy with cabin fever. I need fresh air in order to maintain my sanity! So last night I laid out all of my running stuff and set my alarm for 5am. The cabin fever was far outweighing the lack of sleep, at least until my third time getting up in the night. At 4:30, I wearily crawled back into bed, turned off my alarm, and didn't give that decision a second thought. When I got up at 7:30 I was still very happy with that decision. 

I will make up that run tonight or tomorrow morning. Training schedules can be adjusted. And for my sanity and my children's health I needed to be able to adjust that schedule this morning. 
Now....back to wrestling four crazy kids.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fit Friday - Abs and Salad

Fit Friday here! Ruthie is here with a fantastic salad to share. I am thinking this will be a great one to share with my 6 year old, she loves any salad that has good cheese on it.

Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad is a beautiful combination of savory flavors plus it's so healthy and such good nutrition! Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad on is a beautiful combination of flavors and so healthy and good for you too!
 Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad has so many of my very favorite ingredients in it... heirloom tomatoes, ricotta cheese, cucumber, avocado, and those roasted mushrooms are simply to-die-for!! Oh my. If you've never had roasted mushrooms you are in for a serious treat!! Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad on is a beautiful combination of flavors and so healthy and good for you too!
 About a year ago I was enjoying dinner with friends at a potluck get together and there it was… Homemade Ricotta Cheese to go along with a salad someone had brought. I swear I died and went to heaven RIGHT there! Oh. my. goodness. My Homemade Ricotta Cheese recipe link above gives you step by step photo's and instructions so it's sure to turn out just right! Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad on is a beautiful combination of flavors and so healthy and good for you too!

Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad is a fabulous lunch or dinner... make sure to grab a crusty loaf of bread to enjoy with it too!

Roasted Mushroom, Avocado, and Ricotta Salad
Recipe Type: Salad
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • 2 cups roasted baby portabella and shitake mushrooms, sliced
  • 1/4 cup fresh thyme leaves, divided
  • 3 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 cups mixed salad greens
  • 1/2 cup petite cucumber slices
  • 1 cup petite heirloom tomatoes, halved
  • 1 avocado, thinly sliced lengthwise
  • course sea salt for garnish
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Roasted Mushrooms:
  3. Coat cookie sheet with cooking spray.
  4. In mixing bowl toss mushrooms with 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon sea salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
  5. Spread mushrooms evenly onto prepared pan, bake 20 minutes; stirring twice.
  6. Divide salad greens between 2 serving plates.
  7. Evenly place cucumber slices, tomato halves, and ricotta on greens.
  8. Add mushrooms to center of salad and fan avocado slices.
  9. Sprinkle with course sea salt and serve with a drizzle of olive oil.
  10. Enjoy!
  What makes salads so yummy? All the different deliciousness inside of it! Salads have a little of this (avocado) and a little of that (ricotta) with a few other bits and bobs thrown in to make the perfect meal. Well, great workouts are the same way! You throw together a little of this (squats) and a little of that (push-ups) mixed with a few other movements and you end up with a great workout. That is what we are doing today! We are combining some great movements for a great core workout!

Core Challenge 
We are working on a 10-1 set today. That means you will go through each movement 10 times, start over and go through each movement 9 times, repeat this down to 1 of each movement. 

- Triangle sit-ups: this is a weighted Russian twist with a sit-up. 
-Leg drops 
-Up-Down planks

These are 5 fantastic movements that will work that core. Add a yummy salad and you are on your way to some killer abs!

Happy Fit Friday!
Much Love and Peace~
Nichole and Ruthie

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Workout Wednesday - Planks

Another Workout Wednesday! Today we are working on plank form and have a great plank workout for you.
I wanted to work on this for a couple different reasons today. 1) I am constantly hearing how good planks are for your core. But 2) I rarely see people preform them correctly. Then we take a plank and add time or some different movements and form really goes out the window.
A lot of people have a hard time feeling if their body is in the right spot, so do this next to a mirror or with a friend. If you are doing it with a friend pick on that is honest with you and more worried about helping you then hurting your feelings. Close enough is not good enough.

Here is a proper plank. She is preforming this on her hands, you can drop to your forearms, make sure that your elbows stay right below your shoulders, keep forearms straight and hands in a fist.

Below are pics of two of the most common mistakes I seem to be fixing a lot with my clients. These are caused by not bracing through the core and/or not squeezing through your glutes.

Start with getting into plank position and holding for 5-10 seconds, drop your knees and catch your breath, then go again. Do this a few times even if you are a "pro" at planks this will be a good refresher before hitting the workout.
Add this plank workout to one of your other workouts or at the end of some good cardio.

Center plank for 30 seconds
15 plank jacks
15 plank with corner to corner bunny hops

15 right side planks with a leg raise
Center plank holds for 15 seconds
15 left side planks with a leg raise

15 second right side plank hold
15 center plank with a center bunny hop
15 second left side plank hold

If you are feeling great at the end of that finish up with a time challenge. Hold that center plank with perfect form as long as possible. Have a friend help time you and watch that form.

Form is always important, it shouldn't be sacrificed for reps or time!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How Much Are You Sitting?

While out running this morning I decided it is a good thing I don't run with my phone that often. I kept right on running while looking at an amazing sunrise coming up over the mountains. If I had my phone in hand I would have had to stop and take a picture. The picture would not have done justice to the amazingness I was seeing, so I would have taken a couple more in hopes of getting one that would do this setting right. Instead of stopping to take a picture I kept right on running and looking in wonder.

Half way through my run my iPod died and so I enjoyed my surroundings while letting my brain wander. I decided I wanted to expand I bit on my Fit Friday post. My post was all about why gardening was so good for you. It may seem like a slightly odd post from a personal trainer and avid runner so let me tell you a bit more.

I know that everyone does not come in the same fitness mold. Not everyone wants to prioritize going to the gym everyday and focus on a body part then stare at the clock while getting in 30 minutes of cardio. Not everyone wants to train for a marathon. There are definitely things we do that help our fitness and health levels even if we don't want to. We all should get our heart rate up for at least 30 minutes more days than not (that means at least four days per week). Resistance training should be part of our routine at least two days per week. How we get either one of those accomplished needs to be up to you. Just because your neighbor goes to the gym seven days a week doesn't mean you have to. Spend a day hiking, gardening, playing at the park with your kids. There are plenty of things you can do for your health.

We also need to consider how much of our days or weeks we spend actually doing something good for ourselves. If I work out for one hour four days a week that is pretty great. How much of my week is that though? Let's say I get seven hours of sleep a night (oh, I can't wait til that day comes) and my wake time is 17hours/day. That would mean that in a given week I would work out for approx 3% of my usable week. Is 3% enough time to focus on my health? No! That is why we need to find other activities that allow us to move our body how it is built to.

Let's think through this. Joe gets up at 6am and is to the gym by 7am four days a week. He does 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio, a plan many people follow. He then heads to his office and is in by 9am. He sits down answering emails, working on reports, crunching numbers, etc. At 1pm he heads to lunch, then back to work til 6pm. At that point in time he heads home where dinner is ready then he plants in front of the tv for his nightly dose of zone out time before heading to bed after the news at 11pm. He sat down most of his day.

This is no way to live folks. You need to find time to garden, go for a walk just for fun, head to the park, anything to keep you up and moving, Think about how you spend your time this week. Be aware of how much time you spend sitting and figure out some ways to get up a bit more.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Fit Friday - Steaks and Gardening

Another Happy Fit Friday here! Ruthie is here again with another fantastic recipe! Check out more of her recipes at Cooking with Ruthie.

Balsamic Artichoke and Tomato Steaks a one-pan dinner that is hearty and delicious! It's packed with lean protein and vegetables with a fabulous balsamic pan sauce that the whole family will love! **1Balsamic Artichoke and Tomato Steaks 1 Balsamic Tomato and Artichoke Steaks are one of those creations that comes out of whatever-happens-to-be-left-in-the-fridge! Really. I like a challenge every now and then, don't you? It makes cooking fun and exciting AND truth be told, sometimes I just don't feel like going to the store. So, when I found a couple of tomatoes and half a can of artichoke hearts in the fridge I decided it was "on". I'm pretty impressed with the outcome. Sometimes, these adventures of mine are fails but I rocked this one for sure!! Hahaha. Balsamic Artichoke and Tomato Steaks on a one-pan dinner that is hearty and delicious! It's packed with lean protein and vegetables with a fabulous balsamic pan sauce that the whole family will love! I love this healthy recipe on steak. The pan sauce is full of flavor and lovely addition to go along side the steaks. Serve them with a salad and of course a crusty loaf of bread and WHA-la!! Dinner is served with just one pot and 25 minutes tops :) Balsamic Artichoke and Tomato Steaks on a one-pan dinner that is hearty and delicious! It's packed with lean protein and vegetables with a fabulous balsamic pan sauce that the whole family will love!

I'm pretty sure you'll agree that Balsamic Tomato and Artichoke Steaks are sooooooo tender and tasty and simple to make that they'll be a regular on the dinner menu.

Have an awesome Friday!! Much Love and Peace~ Nichole and Ruthie
Balsamic, Artichoke, and Tomato Steaks
Recipe Type: Main
Author: Ruthie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
  • 1.5 pounds top sirloin steaks
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tomatoes, medium dice, and divided in half
  • 1 cup artichoke hearts, quartered
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • sea salt and pepper to taste
  1. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat, once hot add oil, allow to heat and coat the pan.
  2. Add steaks to pan, cook for 2 minutes- allowing to sear and brown.
  3. Turn steaks over and repeat on other the side.
  4. Add garlic and cook for 1 minute, stirring around the steaks.
  5. Add water, using a wooden spoon scrape up bits and pieces from the bottom of the pan.
  6. Add balsamic, sugar, and half the tomatoes.
  7. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 7-8 minutes or until desired doneness is achieved.
  8. Add sea salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Add remaining tomatoes and artichoke hearts, cook additional 2 minutes to warm through.
  10. Serve and Enjoy!
Show original message Ruthie comes to us each week with yummy recipes, many of which include foods that are pretty easy to come by during this time of year, especially if you have a garden. Today's recipe is no different, tomatoes. Tomatoes are easily grown and easily loved, along with many other garden veggies. Today I am taking a different spin on Fit Friday, I am talking about why a garden is good for your health and fitness.

I have many clients that talk to me about their gardens and sometimes use it as an excuse as to why they miss a workout or two, so I wanted to look more into the benefits of gardening. Don't get me wrong, your garden cannot be your soul health and fitness plan, but it definitely does have its positives.

I have heard the excuse that "I was just too tired after a stressful day to go to the gym" more times than I can count. My most often rebuttal is to workout in the morning, but I do understand that this isn't always an option. For many people the act of working out is going to help release that stress, but not for all. Another option, gardening. It has been shown that 30 minutes in the garden can significantly decrease cortisol levels. And that is a much better option than sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips and zoning out.

Along the same lines of stress I have also worked with clients that suffer from depression. When the depression is getting the best of them I can tell, their workouts are not the same and not in a good way. One professor out of Colorado University in Boulder has studied bacteria in the soil. This bacteria affects serotonin levels in the brain. He suggests that simply by getting out and digging in the garden this bacteria can help individuals suffering from depression.

Gardening is also a great low-impact exercise. It is a great way to get in some good stretching and easy strengthening moves. But you have to pay attention to your positioning. If you hunch over your garden for hours your back and shoulders are not going to feel good. Engage your hips, sit in a proper squat, and always protect your low back.

And the product of all this work is also great for you....fresh fruit and vegetables. So for those of you that already have a garden, enjoy it and think of all the greatness you are getting from it. For those of you that don't, start thinking about next season.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Workout Wednesday - 10 to 1

Another Workout Wednesday is here and I am hopeful to get in my own workout. With summer and a baby the sad reality is workouts just haven't gone as I have planned. My plan is to start putting baby in daycare once school starts. She will be 4 months old and we will start with times when it is a bit quieter in the daycare. It will also be easier once school starts with the older ones as well, my two kids that are too old for the daycare but not quite ready to be home by themselves, especially since we moved into a new neighborhood this summer. So, with all that said, today is a home workout hitting multiple body parts and gets the heart rate up.

We are going to work on a 10-1 count. Which means for each round you will go through each movement 10 times, do the cardio push, start over and go through each movement 9 times. You will repeat this cycle  down to 1 time through the movements.
Today you will need dumbbells and go hard attitude!

Round 1:
Renegade Rows
Squat with Shoulder Press (Thrusters)
1 min HARD cardio push of your choice (jump roping, running stairs, high knees, squat hops, etc)

Round 2:
Pushups with Center Bunny Hops
Sumo Squat with Upright Row (high pull)
Bent Over Row
Leg Drops
1 min HARD cardio push of your choice (jump roping, running stairs, high knees, squat hops, etc)

DONE! I know when working out at home it is easy to finish that last rep or push hard to that last second then go straight to doing whatever needs to be done around the house. Fight that temptation and take a few minutes to cool down and stretch it out.

Nice job guys!